Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hallelujah, praise Amazon!

Amazon has finally heard my prayers (requests)!  After over three long years of waiting in vain... The Fresh Prince of Bel Air season 5 is coming out on DVD!  Lemme me hear you say: "Wi-ill"!

Born and raised dans une famille québécoise francophone, I watched very few TV shows in English.  We used to watch Rescue 911 and then we got warped into Days of our Lives, but that was pretty much it for my family.  I had my very favorite after-school show (I'm saving that one for an upcoming post), discovered SNL and started watching Law & Order.  Benjamin Bratt?  He did quite a bit for my teenage hormones.  Can you say yummy?  I would have held his gun for him.

I did watch The Fresh Prince a few times while it was on television however; I really got into the series from watching reruns.  When the first season came out on DVD, I was ecstatic.  More Will!  Because yes, it's a known fact in my entourage that Will Smith is my Main Man.  I am not just a fan because he's a hottie; and not just a fan of his movies.  I also own every single one of his CDs.  And I know all the lyrics to his songs.  And I have watched the DVDs so many times I know most of his lines.  Pathetic?  Perhaps, but you should know that although I own a  tiny (ridicule) non-flat screen TV and DVD player, I don't have cable nor an antenna.  So I get zero channels.  As in "none". But what does one do with no television in 2010, especially for entertainment?!?  Parental discretion is now advised.  A healthy, sweet young thang in her thirties with no TV?  Are you kidding me?  Entertainment is not only on TV.  And for those quiet evenings, there is always blogging and reading and beating my own best Tetris score on my ancient Gameboy :o)

I purchased season 4 in 2007.  Since then, I had been desperately waiting for season 5 to come out and, finally, the moment has arrived!  Three long years and now Amazon Canada is releasing it on May 4!  Hallelujah, praise Amazon!  I hope it will not take another 3 years before the sixth and final season comes out...

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  1. Fresh Prince is one I would like to own eventually :) So it is good to hear that they are slowly but surely releasing them all~
    Hope the finger is doing well!