Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Posts are delayed because...

My kitty cat, Pattapoil, who is afraid of her own shadow and weighs less than 7 lbs at almost 5 years old, bit me.  On Saturday, a stray cat came to the window and my little one was hissing and I wanted to choo her away because good-mannered cats don't hiss at strangers.

I had the brilliant idea to try and close her mouth with my bare hand.  My right hand.  The hand which serves most purposes in my life.  Bad idea!  She most likely thought it was the stray cat attacking her and she bit me.  Hard!

I am on 4000 mg (yes, you read right: four THOUSAND) of antibacterial meds per DAY (making me a bit of a sleepy head) and, to control the pain until the meds actually kick in, 1000 mg of Tylenol every 3 hours.  Wanna post much?  Meh, not really.

You see on the pics that my right index is quite swollen, but that is nothing!  I had the brilliant idea to call my kinesitherapist yesterday morning.  She gave my finger a lymphatic drainage and reduced the swelling by at least half.  The redness was below my knuckle yesterday morning where today, it just below the wound and, even better, above the knuckle.  You can see that there are two points of teeth entry.  And two infected sites.  I spare you the details.  The pain? Ridiculously excruciating considering wound size. And, mostly, considering it was induced by a stay-at-home, scaredy-less-than-7-pound cat. 

So I apologize but my posts are delayed because I'd rather sleep right now and typing makes my finger quite painful and makes my heart beat in it :o) TTYS!


  1. Omg, so sorry Isabel. Hope you feel better soon. Take care

  2. OMG. Your poor finger! Your left finger looks so slender and your right looks so painful. I hope you get better soon.

    PS. Your little kitty may only be 7 pounds, but it sounds like 5 of those pounds are teeth ;)

  3. holy crow! that is pretty insane :(
    you and i are just not having a good month with infections. im going for my follow up appointment today, and expect a higher dose of antibiotics than what I was given the previous two times. but stupid ear doesn't have proper fat veins to deliver the meds properly...
    rest up, and hope it gets better soon!

  4. Bien contente de te retrouver ici mIss PP ;-)))
    Très chouette ton blog!
    Merci pour le commentaire laissé sur le mien!
    Côté sac à cosmétiques, il me reste peu de produits M et/ou A car j'habite maintenant en Belgique et pas disponibles...J'en achète lors de nos visites dans la famille.