Sunday, February 14, 2010

Addictions - Part 3 : Solitaire

My grandma taught me how to play cards.  She loved playing cards.  We'd play almost every night at the hospital when I was visiting her.  When I was just a kid, she taught me a few easy games.  My dad has also always been a big card player.  Every time he would finish working the night shift with his team (communément appelée "La 2"), I would wake-up to a kitchen or backyard full of cops playing cards.  (This is also why I am absolutely not interested/fascinated by men in uniforms - I grew up surrounded by them!  The fireman or policeman suit doesn't quite do it for me).  My sister is also a great card player.  She used to play every night with her boyfriend when she was in college.  She plays cribbage, 500 and other games I can never remember the names of.  She's always up to learn a new game.

My mom plays Tock and, like her, I am not a huge fan of cards.  I play but, with the exception of Tock, I can't say I really have a thing for it.  There is another exception.  And it is such an exception that it is an addiction!  I looooooove playing Solitaire (and / or Mahjong) on the computer.  And I'm quite good at it too!  Looking for a way to unwind before going to bed?  Solitaire.  Wanting to drink a nice coffee while relaxing on a Saturday morning (make that early afternoon)?  Solitaire.  Too depressed or sad to read and focus?  Solitaire.  I put on some music and click.  It's a solution to many problems.  It is a way for me to completely pull the plug and just chill.

In a previous life (good God - already a decade ago!), I would wake up and go sit in front of the computer to play for about an hour or two.  The then-boyfriend would bring me my coffee or tea while I would indulge in my hour of inexpensive relaxation, a bunny on my lap.  Does life get any better than this?

I have MASTERED the Spider Solitaire medium level, even though it took me forever to get over the ugly spider on the cards.  I am considering moving to the Difficult level now.  I excel at the traditional Solitaire standard style and I am pretty damn good at Vegas style too!  Not only does this girl got back, but she got game!  My name is MissIPP and I am addicted to Solitaire!

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