Saturday, February 6, 2010

Addictions - Part 1 : beauty

I am a very faithful addictee.  For years, I only bought jeans from one store (Gap).  Only bought shoes from a specific store (Aldo).  Always went to the same Italian restaurant (Pasta Andrea).  Only purchased my pyjamas and under-garments from one place and one place only (La Senza) - until they entirely changed their new in-store look (gags) and concept approximately 2 years ago.  I worn Gap's Heaven Perfume for more years than I can count and it was the only fragrance I would wear.  Now I have been a Chanel Chance girl for over 2 years and cannot even begin to imagine I will eventually switch.

I am open to discovering new things.  I often come back to the same bottles of wine (Rosemount Shiraz, Amarone Montresor, Chateau la lieu, Brouilly sous les balloquets, Castello di Pomino Frescobaldi, Pinot gris Pfaffenheim, etc.), but I am certainly always up for trying something new!
I thought I would write a little something something about my addictions.  Of course, my addictions are not life threatening, do not tear my family apart, not (necessarily) very costly and well, they make me happy.  They are my stupid "must haves" things.

I start with beauty.  My "first love" was Boy George.  Let me tell you, no man can wear lipstick and eyeshadow like the The Boy!  I was 4 years old and told my mother I would one day marry Boy George.  She didn't want to bluntly burst my bubble so she told me she didn't think I could because, well, Boy George liked men.  That didn't seem to bother me, so she had to explain that Boy George liked men so much he would only be interested in marrying another man.  Besides, he was much older.  Well, poopers.  A few years later, I was crazy in love with Prince. I may have been jealous that he was walking more graciously than I could in high heels.  I was in grade 2 and wore PURPLE (not lilac, not sheer, but purple as in "purple rain") lipstick to school.  Grade 2.  My teacher had called my mother to tell her I was wearing purple lipstick to school..  "Yeah, I know" is what I think she replied, half ashamed, half in approval.  It could have been much worse than wearing lipstick to elementary school.  I'd always been fascinated to see my mom put on her makeup. Now I was doing it myself!

I was wearing blue kohl eyeliner in grade 3 and had my very own tube of day cream (purchased by my mom in a professional esthetic salon) by the time I was in grade 6!  No wonder I later became an esthetician.

In 1995, I found love.  Then sold $6.95 - I think it's $14.95 now, I purchased the clear Body Shop Eyebrow Gel. OMG.  My brows are naturally dark and well defined but this made them POP!  I no longer had to put hairspray on my fingertip and go over my brow line.  I simply had to comb my lashes with this clear gel and ta-da!  My lashes would be shiny and stay put all day.  The year is 2010 and I still carry it at all times in my purse!  All the time. 

This item is my first confession.  My name is MissIPP and I am addicted to the Body Shop clear Brow & and Lash Gel!

 What are your addictions?  And NO, sex cannot be confessed as an addiction here.

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  1. Ooh, I'm going to have to check out this brow gel! I love how convinced you were that Boy George would marry you -- kids are so cute ^^

    As for my addiction? Heh. That's a little obvious... can I go with makeup in general? And fragrances? Lol!!