Monday, January 11, 2010

SAQ replies to "When Miss IPP Goes Shopping!"

First and foremost, thank you to my friend and reader, Dee, who sent an email to the SAQ's customer service suggesting they read my blog!  I thought that was hilarious and, well, it gave me more exposure.  Lol.  I apologize for the English readers as the reply came in French.

"Nous avons pris connaissance de l'article que vous nous avez suggéré de lire. Nous comprenons votre mécontentement concernant la situation. Nous sommes aussi conscients que vous déplorez la manière dont le gestionnaire de la succursale a réagi et non pas le fait que nous n'acceptions pas temporairement la carte de débit.  Nous sommes sincèrement désolés du déroulement de cette situation et tenons à nous excuser au nom du directeur.  Cordiales salutations,".

They thought she had written the article and that is besides my point.  I might have assumed the same thing.  Ain't it funny how monopoly allows certain companies to be so boring in their replies?  They don't care.  And I am not talking about offering me a free bottle (it would have helped) or sending me a discount coupon (not the end of the world, but they know I will have to go back to one of their stores for sure since I can only get great wines, liqueurs and strong alcohols at SAQ!).  They did not even bother asking at which location I had wasted my time.  They did not care to ask which store manager they could better train in order to help him achieve greater customer service. 

The fact that they do something or not with this specific information after obtaining it from the person who complains is not even that important.  What is important is that it would have given me the impression, and I use the term loosely, that they cared.  They obviously don't.  They apologize in the store manager's name, end of the story.  The guy will never hear about it, so why apologize in his name?  He's most likely to do it again (bad service).  Does this make me feel better about the kind of service I will receive upon my next visit?  Absolutely not.  Does it put my consumer frustration at ease?  Again, absolutely not.  It tells me that they deleted the email my friend sent and that was it.  Big whoop.

My article was about the lack of quality in their consumer care and service. I do not feel like this matter has been adressed.  They just apologized for having someone in a position he's not entirely qualified for.

En conclusion, le mandat de la SAQ est d'offrir d'excellents conseils et vin et spiritueux, et non pas d'offrir un service complet à sa clientèle.

Guess where I shall be driving to next week-end?  Ontario is less than an hour away. With cheaper prices on many bottles; LCBO, here I come!  ;o)

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