Sunday, May 30, 2010

The other side of the fence

On April 10, I posted my very first product review:  J.R. Watkins Apothecary Lemon Cream.  Just a few short hours after, I received an email from Mr. Hagen, an Independent Watkins Executive.  Based on my number of followers, I assumed he had the brand name on Google Alert!

My very first thought was "Whoa! Is this what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence; to be contacted by sales and / or PR reps for product reviews?"  It felt very flattering and made me giggle for a few minutes.  After contacting many beauty bloggers myself (please rest assured that I am not pretending to be a beauty blogger.  I am not a beauty blogger.  I am not a makeup artist.  I'm a certified esthetician who works in the cosmetic industry, is a friend to beauty bloggers and an addict to social media and text messaging.),  it felt nice and strange to be sitting on the other side of the fence for a minute.  For this lovely opportunity I was given, thank you, Mr. Hagen.

I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary tube of the new and improved formula, for my personal use and review.

What I learned: the product I had purchased in Florida at such a great discounted price ($2.49 US) had, in fact, been discontinued over a year ago, hence the discount!  The new formulas are not only paraben free, like the Website claims, but the packaging has also been updated.  My sweet and fresh lemon cream is even fresher-looking nowadays.

Again, from the Website:
"J.R. Watkins Body Creams provide your skin with the ultimate moisturizing experience. Natural shea and cocoa butters are whipped together with more than 10 natural oils and extracts to protect, soothe and condition your delicate skin. This is a healthy treat your skin will never forget! 96-97% natural.  Ideal for rough areas including heels, knees and elbows
Brand Commitments:
• 95% Natural and above; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free; Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free; Paraben Free; Phthalate Free; Mineral Oil, Petrolatum free; Dye Free."
My updated review
-the J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary Shea Butter Body Lemon Cream now comes in a tube instead of a jar.  I no longer get cream stuck under my nails when I get it on my hands to apply.
-the scent is even more natural and lemony (yummy!)
-like the Website claims and contrary to my first product review, the cream is overall natural (19 natural extracts on a total of 34 ingredients)!
-is it me or does my skin feels softer after moisturizing with the new formula?  I think it does!
-the protective barrier it leaves on my skin (hello, lemon peel extract!) which also helps prevent moisture loss
-I can order from Mr. Hagen when I want a new tube and I can't find it in a store near me!

-the size went from 130 g (jar) to 95 g (tube).
-the scent seems to have lost a bit of its "creamy" lemon sent; it smells more like freshly squeezed lemons than a lemon-meringue pie.  I still adore the smell, but wish it had kept a bit of its sweet, creamy/dreamy scent.
-$7.99 CAD + taxes per 95 g tube.  That's a bit expensive for my cheap-single-girl-with-a-mortgage budget and it would absolutely be a treat (from me to myself with lotsa love) to purchase again.

Neutral about:
-the paraben-free,dye-free and other-free formula, but I do realize that is a huge bonus for many beauty gals out there.
-the way it applies.  Although the new version seems to have a better slip and slide effect, it does not go on as smoothly as I love a body cream to do so.

My final thoughts?  I'm a spoiled brat who loves lemon and body creams =)


  1. Thanks for the review! Neat to be on the other side, eh? ;)

  2. @ Shayla: Lol. Yes, definitely!

  3. Lol, now you know how it feels for lots of us being taken care of by you :) It's fun to have a follow up review about a product, isn't it?

  4. @ Halifax: It is LOVELY to be spoiled and to know that you're read. Sugar coated my day ;o)

  5. Great review! I've heard of the brand, but haven't tried it yet...and I like lemons so I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

    Haha, welcome to the other side!

  6. Glad you had fun being on the other side of things :) I agree I'm very intrigued by this moisturizer and will be on the lookout!