Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mamma's got a brand new Coach bag!

We spent Friday morning and afternoon by the pool, which means I was fully SPFed.  We had decided to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, conveniently located at wonderful Sawgrass Mills shopping center.  I spotted a few things here and there but decided to behave and not purchase anything until I would get my hands on my precious Coach bag!  A very special shoutout to My Cheap Girl for emailing me the discount coupon (thank you, thank you, thank you for my 20% off!).  Low and behold, price tag at $348, on sale at the outlet and with a discount coupon, I paid $126.35!  Yeah baby, mamma's got a brand new Coach bag! 

I also stopped by the Ralph Lauren shop, which is usually not on my list of stores to visit, but liked this ruffled shirt.  Paid $34 instead of $89.  Me is starting to like Ralph at this price...  At the Cheesecake Factory restaurant, I got a rash on both my arms and the itch was driving me nuts.  The shopping took the itch off my mind and eased it.  On Saturday morning, I woke up and quickly became covered with a mild case of hives: my arms, my thighs and my back were covered in rashes.  I took a Benadryl and off we went to the flea market.  The only thing I found was a nice pair of grey leggings, which I want to eventually wear with my new stripper shoes. At one point told my mom that I could not stop to sit and wait for them or I would fall fast asleep.  I dozed off as soon as I sat in the car.  The day was gorgeous; a beautiful sunny sky without a cloud in sight!  The Benadryl knocked me out until 4 pm.  I missed a full afternoon of sunshine because I am such a White girl, I had an allergic reaction to the sun!  This girl can't tan.  My calves are still beet red, although they do not hurt one bit.  The skin will eventually return to white.  We had a great barbecue outdoors with friends for dinner and hit Walmart (open 24 hours!) shortly before 10 where I bought Garnier anti-frizz bottles ($2.25 each!) for my untameable curls.  I also acquired a blend of olive and shea oil for dry hair; can't wait to try it.

Today we went to Dania beach where the waves were huge.  The water was to cold to bathe. I was worried I would get another reaction if I stayed in the sun too long and kept my t-shirt on all afternoon.  I put sun protection and got a sunburn on my arms WITH T-SHIRT MARKS.  Looks absolutely gorgeous.  I will take a pic to post here tomorrow.  We went shopping at Kohl's tonight where I bought a vanilla-coloured long-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans.  Feels funny to even type it.  "Skinny" jeans.  Nothing I wear could be skinny but that's what they call it!

UPDATE:  sorry for the delay.  I said I would post the pic the day after.  Ooopsies.  Here's a picture of my burnt arm.  As mentioned above, we spent the afternoon at the beach and I didn't want to have another reaction to the sun so I kept my t-shirt on.  I fried with clear demarcations.  Brava...  It was quite red, but did not hurt that much.  I think it hurt more because the following day, we went shopping.  My already irritated skin did not appreciate the excessive rubbing of fabrics from all the clothes I was trying on.  A week after to the day, one can't really tell I recently had a sunburn.  My skin is peeling with a vengeance.  This girl can't tan.


  1. oh yay!! well I like some coach bags but can't justify spending all that money in just one purse but getting such a great deal like you did, makes a huge difference and that top looks very pretty and girly without being pink hehe love it ;)

  2. Nice score on the purse, and the blouse is definitely cute.

    I'm sorry to hear about your reaction to the sun, that sounds horrible.. and ow to the 'farmer tan' on the arms.

    Welcome back. :]

  3. Ooh! Your new purse looks great :)

    Hope your arms are feeling better -- I don't care what you say, that redness looks really painful! At least you're not left with a farmer's tan, though. Just a... farmer's burn?


  4. @Rae @Nepenthe : yes, my wonderful farmer's tan! Luckily, with the exception of a bit of left over peeling skin, NOTHING shows! That's the upside of only burning and not tanning.