Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Holiday Haul

Ok, boys and girls, I have officially gone shopping in Fort Lauderdale and so my vacation can now begin!

My dad came to pick me up at the airport at 4:45 pm on Tuesday.  My sister and my 19 y.o. cousin arrived in Florida on Sunday to stay with my parents; but only my parents knew I was joining them.  My dad suggested I hide in the back of the van and he would ask the girls to come help get stuff out of the car.  My sister looked for a bag to grab, saw me instead and started to laugh and ask, almost hysterically, "What are you doing here?!?".  I'm on vacation too, darn it!  That was a nice surprise.  It's always sweet to get a huge pop like that when someone sees my face!

It was grey and rainy yesterday morning when we woke up so we declared it a perfect occasion to go shopping!  I apologize in advance to all my fashion and beauty bloggers because I am truly not a hauler and I am doing this only while I'm on vacation!  First we went to Ross, which is the equivalent of Winners, but with even greater deals!  And with the Canadian currency being at-par with the American dollar... all I can say is: ching-ching!!!

I bought this light raincoat for $19.99 and fell in love with these sandals.  It was the only pair remaining in the store and it was my size (7 1/2).  If the only remaining pair is the exact size as my Fred Flintstone feet, it must be a sign, right?  I tried them on.  My sister told me they looked like strippers' shoes. Why, thank you!  I like the biker chic look and figured it would look fabulous with black leggings or jeans.  Do you like my whory shoes?  I paid $15.99 for them!

I discovered Havaianas sandals in 2007.  They are manufactured in Brazil and officially the country's best-selling foot gear.  I have two pairs I wear inside the house only instead of slippers, and two pairs I take outdoors.  Since I can't tell when I will travel to Brazil again, I figured that this brown pair of original Havaianas on sale for $3.99 (less than what I paid for in Brazil in 2007!) was a deal I could not miss.  Plus, I didn't own brown Havaianas... Now, I do!  I also came across this long short-sleeved knit shirt, for $7.99.  It's not exceptionally nice or different, but it fits me nicely and will go over almost anything.  Bring it on.

I went to the "Accessories" section and found very few beauty products.  SPF lotions I did not need.  Shower gels I could not really care for.  Body lotions and creams?  Always worth a look.  I noticed this J.R. Watkins Apothecary Lemon Cream jar.  You had me at "lemon".  This shea and cocoa butters body cream smells heavenly.  I haven't tried it yet because I want to apply it and really indulge in the sniffing when I do.  With four women at the condo and my dad, I don't have much time allocated to indulge in delicate cream-spreading and sniffing in the bathroom. 

It's quite sunny this morning so I'm changing into my poolside wear (SPF 50) and heading out in the SUN!  We might go shop at Sawgrass Mills tonight.  I gotta get me a Coach bag!  This girl is on a budget, but I promised myself I would treat the spoiled brat in me to at least that while I was in Fort Lauderdale.


  1. Oh oh, did you see any Color Club polish sets at Ross? Lots of bloggers found them, awesome price. I want to go there too :-)

    Love the shoes and Havaianas. Shop away, Isabel, shop away!

  2. Lol these are most definitely NOT stripper shoes! They look gorgeous :) I think the same way too - if there is something I like and the only size left is my size, I figure it must be destiny ;P

  3. Wow, the sandals are amazing! And the knit shirt looks cute, too.

    I haven't tried any products from J.R. Watkins Apothecary, they are too expensive for my budget. Let us know how it works for you!

    Have a great holiday! =D

  4. @Gaby: the cream was priced at $2.49! I will definitely let you know if it makes my legs silky smooth...

  5. @Halifax: I didn't see any nail polishes at Ross, but we are going to a different Ross store later this week which has more inventory. I'll keep you posted!

  6. ooo Love the shoes!
    very cute

  7. I love the shoes and the Havaianas!! I'm not a high heels kind of girl but I love the way they look on others! you should wear them with skinny jeans and a leather jacket (hehe don't mind me I don't know anything about fashion) ;)

  8. Holy CROW!
    you snagged AWESOME deals XD
    I can't believe the prices you got all that stuff for...Ross is SOOO much better than our Winners :(
    Well enjoy all the fun shopping! and hurray for our strong dollar :P
    ps Love love LOVE the shoes :)

  9. Shoe update: I wore (whore? :oP) them last night and I LOVE them!!!

    @Rasilla: Ross KICKS BOOTY compared to Winners, for sure.

    I'm flying home tomorrow night and my saddest regret is that I have to go back to closed shoes and socks :o(